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By T. Christopher Hoklotubbe

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Early Christians in Asia Minor needed to navigate the waters of Roman social, political, and financial lifestyles whereas additionally conserving their religion. The church confronted a double probability: Greeks and Romans considered Christianity as a barbaric and almost certainly seditious superstition and, on the comparable second, filthy rich Christian benefactors, and their patron lecturers, have been either appeared to threaten the integrity of the Christian community.

Christopher Hoklotubbe investigates how the writer of the Pastoral Epistles (1, 2 Timothy and Titus) strategically appealed to the Greek and Roman virtues of piety (eusebeia, pietas) to ease those exterior and inner sociocultural threats. The Pastoral Epistles’ rhetoric of piety—a time period now not present in the true Pauline epistles—becomes pointed whilst learn along historical discourses on piety from Roman imperial propaganda, civic benefaction/patronage, and ethical philosophy. As Hoklotubbe demonstrates, piety was once rhetorically powerful within the efforts of the Pastoral Epistles to give the fledgling Christian groups in a compelling cultural gentle, besides as efforts to unite groups round a socially conservative vision of the loved ones of God.
Civilized Piety reveals the worth of pietas within an ideological industry of emperors, benefactors, and philosophers, all of whom take care of each other to monopolize cultural status. The Pastoral Epistles, by way of utilizing a advantage so hugely esteemed by means of forces opposed to Christianity, show up a deep wish to identify stable order in the church in addition to to foster goodwill with the church’s non-Christian neighbors.

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